Friday, 14 July 2017

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Look at all the fun we had...


..... your children were so much fun, excellent company and behaved brilliantly. What a great night we had.

Friday, 7 July 2017

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The children have been very busy over the last two weeks, making sure their literacy and numeracy skills stay up to scratch as well as having two transition days at the academy, practising for the leavers assembly and soaking all of the teachers at the end of sports day!  

We also have another busy two weeks ahead of us, with our federation sports day at Hickling Barns on Wednesday 12th July, the whole school disco and Year 2 sleepover on Thursday 13th July and then BeWilderwood on Monday 17th July, our leavers church assembly on Thursday 20th July and our school leavers assembly on Friday 21st July!!

Keep an eye out for your child's annual school report which will be winging its way to you on Friday 14th July. 

Friday, 23 June 2017

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This week Green Class have started looking at a new book; The tiger who came to tea. The children enjoyed learning the story and making their own alternative versions. Whilst writing our stories the children had to remember to keep their writing exciting using different sentence types and exciting sentence openers. 

In maths the children continued to apply their number knowledge to a range of different problems. 

The afternoons have also been very busy with sports day and singing practise, but we also managed to fit in some art work. We looked at the work of artist Paul Klee and had a go at making our own rhythmic patterns using either warm, bright colours or cold, dark colours. 

Friday, 16 June 2017

This week the children in Green Class have been very busy writing up their fact sheets about the Human Body and preparing lots of special treats for Dads on Sunday. 

They also worked very hard with Mrs Bales planning a memory book during their ICT lesson. 

Excellent effort as always Green Class. 

Friday, 9 June 2017

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This week the children in Green Class have been planning and making their own superhero potions. They had to calculate different amounts of ingredients to total 500ml and then write a set of instructions (using bossy verbs, commands and mathematical language) for how to make their potion. On Friday they put their measuring skills to the test making the potions. Great work everyone!

We also began research for our own information books. We are trying to find out as much about the human body as we can so that we can create books to help teach our lovely Red Class children all about it!

Friday, 26 May 2017

What a busy two weeks we have had!

Green Class have been  very busy over the last two weeks; completing their special quizzes as well as writing comic book stories. 

Last week the children were also very busy making their own 'balanced diet pizza'. The children had to make sure that the pizza contained something form all of the food groups. Some of our 'adventurous' children chose to put chocolate on theirs!

We also worked hard in PE